Mi Mero Mole

About me


deStudi_2Hola my name is Daniella. I was born and bred in Mexico City, but I moved to the Caribbean part of Mexico to work as a marine biologist in 2002. During these years I had an amazing life, living next to the white beaches and turquoise water full of natural beauty. Besides my work, I was always planning dinners, parties and sometimes just simple lunches at my house. This made me realise that cooking was my thing, even though I had a fantastic job being the head of a marine park. During this period I started to think about making a change in my life more and more, but never quite found the courage to quit my job and start something.

After a a few years my partner and I moved to Australia. Life was giving me the opportunity to make the change and do what I always wanted to do ­­– but I didn’t! Again years passed by and now, after moving to Adelaide, I decided to really do it and here I am finally doing it!!!!!

As you can understand I am very passionate about Mexican food (my partner says I am a purist). In Mexico we are always talking about food and the things we are going to have for dinner, even if we are having breakfast! Or, we are planning the next party, just for the pleasure to cook something special and share it. So, yes, I’m always thinking of food.

Then if I enjoy it so much, I thought, why not invite people to my home to try authentic Mexican? And that’s how ‘Mi Mero Mole’ was born.


Mi Mero Mole


Mi Mero Mole is a very common Mexican expression to say that’s precisely my speciality. So “Mi Mero Mole” is Mexican cuisine.

When I moved to Australia in 2009 I thought it would be difficult to cook the things I used and loved to eat. This was actually not true and with a little bit of creativity, online shopping and gardening you can get very far. I started to cook everything from scratch and with the best produce possible and I have actually been able to reproduce many traditional Mexican dishes.

Why do I say “traditional Mexican dishes”? It is really very hard to find a restaurant that actually prepares Mexican food and not the typical TexMex food. I am not saying TexMex is not nice, but you will not find it when traveling to Mexico.

If you want to experience something new come and join me at one of my underground dinners or cooking classes.