Mi Mero Mole

Autumn Dinner Party

We are now taking reservations for the next dinner party on Saturday 17th of June!

Winter is here and it’s chillies and walnuts season! That make us very happy because it is the season to cook the traditional Mexican dish called Chiles en Nogada.

These chillies have a fantastic story behind them, come to try them and we will tell you all about it.



The dinner party will start with appetisers.

Sope de machaca de camaron. Prawns sopes, small thick tortilla with refried black beans and topped with prawns cooked with tomatoes, oninon and chile poblano

Crema de chile poblano . Roasted poblano chilli creamy soup 

Beef cheek taco. Beef cheek cooked in a mix of three chillies salsa

Chile en nogada. Poblano chillies with minced pork filling enriched with fruits and a creamy walnut sauce

Buñuelos and atole de vainilla. Mexican fritters served with cane sugar syrup and atole ―hot corn based drink made with corn and flavoured with vanilla


Suggested donation $75


Seats are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis, so reply quickly to be sure of getting spots.

To book a seat, please send me an email with number of  guests.