Mi Mero Mole

Fishy dinner party


As usual there will be appetisers on your arrival.



1. Chilpachole de jaiba

(Crab chilpachole/crab spicy broth)


2. Taco Gobernador 

(Governor taco. Made with prawns, chilli strips and onions in a flour quesadilla)


(Crisp folded maize tortilla filled with fish seasoned with tomatoes and herbs)

Tostadita de ceviche de pulpo

(Flat crispy maize tortilla with octopus ceviche)


3. Pescado Tikin Xik

(Fish marinated in a mix of annatto seeds and spices, wrapped in banana leaves. Served with refried beans)


4. Paletas heladas de coco y tamarindo

(Coconut and tamarind ice pops)