Mi Mero Mole

Street food

street food _DP


Mexico is well known as a gastronomic destination for its street food. The best place to have some typical Mexican food is on the street or at the markets. For this dinner I will serve some of the classic dishes you would get at a road-side cart or at small cafes.



The dinner party will start with appetisers

1. Sopa de tortilla   (Tortilla soup. Spicy chicken broth with tomatoes, served with crunchy fried tortilla strips)




2. Sope (Small thick tortilla with refried black beans, topped with tomato, lettuce, cream and salsa)


Quesadilla de Huitlacoche (Folded soft blue tortilla filled with cheese and huitlacoche (Mexican truffle))


Elote (Char grilled corn on the cob, covered with mayo, fresh cheese and chilli)




3. Mixiote de conejo (Rabbit Mixiote. Paper and banana leaves parcel filled with rabbit seasoned with a mix of dried chillies, cinnamon, oregano and dried avocado leaves. Served with onions and salsa verde and hand made tortillas)


4. Jericallas (Mexican egg custard)