Mi Mero Mole

Taste of Yucatan



The Yucatecan food is a mouth-watering mixture of European and Mexican flavours. The Yucatan Peninsula, the country’s easternmost point, was a very isolated place where the ancient Mayans used to live. Europe was the main trade partner and the food exchange started. The Mayan influence in the region is impressive, with wonderful archaeological sites but also with a great influence on food, which you can now experience here in Australia!!

The dinner party will start with a very traditional Mayan appetizers, followed by a menu that will give you a true taste of Yucatan.

Appetizers: Xikil pak (pepita and tomato dip) and Xni pec (tomato, onion and chilli)





1. Sopa de lima
(Seasoned chicken broth with lime, served with fried tortilla strips)

2. Tsi’ik de venado
(Shredded venison taco)

(Corn torilla filled with refried black beans and shredded chicken in adobo on top)

Brazo de reina
(Tamale with spinach and pepita, stuffed with hard boiled eggs)

3. Cochinita pibil
(Slow roasted pork marinated in a mix of annatto seeds and spices, wrapped in banana leaves)

4. Flan
(Crème caramel)