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Viva Mexico! Dinner party


pozole_viva mexico


Forget the 5 de Mayo, in Mexico the traditional patriotic month is September. During this month Mexicans celebrate the war of independence. The way to celebrate is going to the local square on the 15 September to listen to the local mayor ring a bell and shout of patriotism for the national heroes:

¡Viva Mexico!

And of course there is a lot of traditional food involved.


The dinner party will start with appetisers

1. Budin azteca. Aztec budin, prepared with several layers of tortilla, spicy tomato sauce and mushrooms.


2. Chalupita guerrerense. Chicken chalupita, crunchy tortilla toped with chicken cooked with chipotle chilli

Chile ancho relleno. Ancho chilli stuffed with cheese

Flautas de papa. Potato flutes, crispy potato tacos


3. Pozole. Mexican stew, made with pork and hominy, dried corn kernels. Served with lettuce, radishes, arbol chilli, and tostadas

4. Jericallas (Mexican egg custard)

Suggested donation $65 BYO

Seats are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis, so reply quickly to be sure of getting spots.

To book a seat, please send me an email with number of  guests.

Looking forward to see you soon!